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about my neon:

i've had my 1998 2 dr r/t for almost 3 yrs. i've beat the hell out of it and it's been great. it's quick & fun to drive.
in 2000, i put my stereo in. i basically haven't had the money to do anything since.

in 2000, i competed in IASCA competitions. AMA 1-150 Watt class. i took 2nd in Michigan and 12th in the world. i had 3rd highest sound quality score in my class @ worlds but my install was shabby. (see pics) still sounds really nice though :)

96000 miles. daily driver.

i welcome comments. email me.

stereo-related changes:

alpine 7940 head unit
phoenix gold 215ix eq/crossover w/ lpl knob mounted near cig. lighter (see pic of radio)
mtx 4300 37.5w x 4 amplifier
stillwater designs kicker 10" solobaric (inverted dome)
image dynamics idq 62 midbass drivers
image dynamics cd1e mini underdash HLCDs
rockford fosgate obsidian interconnects
stinger power cabling
code alarm (forget model) alarm
neon lighting + eq power cabling goes to the 'bux foglights' part of the PDC under the hood. i didnt want an additonal fuse link under the hood.

neon lights in trunk are operated by 'lights' button on my alarm key fob.

i had to build the door panels out 1.5" so the midbasses would clear the window track. there's 400 sq inches of dynamat in each door skin and each door frame.

cosmetic changes:

clear corner markers
catz eyez driving lights
changed fogs to come on with parking lights instead of headlights but still use the OEM switch and go off with High Beams (1 extra relay req'd.)

click here for pictures!

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